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Arunima Alumni Association (AAA)

Arunima Alumni Association (AAA) is a society of Ex-Arunima Graduates. Arunima Educational Foundation, the mother institute of this society has already proved itself to be the glory of nation in the field of education. The Alumni is always dedicated to fulfill the soul goal of the school “Education for Consciousness”. The foundation primarily focuses the students for their education and makes them aware of their future till they remain in school. This Alumni always tries to make them conscious not only about their education but in many other social aspects too.

The Alumni assists the graduates of school in various aspects such as to counsel them for their higher studies after SLC , proper way to their future plans, make them feel the importance of youth in the society and many more………

Though the concept of Alumni was developed immediately after the completion of 1st batch SLC in 2051,but due to the very few (only 7) numbers ,this couldn’t succeed. Later on after few batches ,the collective ideas and few discussions concluded to establish Alumni…So the Alumni was established in 2056/4/17 with its legal registration at Central District Office (CDO) with the registration number 055/056-057.

  • Alumni Members
  • Mr. Pravin Neupane


  • Mr. Jitendra Shrestha


  • Mr. Bandhu Adhikari


  • Mr. Nishan Gautam,


  • Mr. Umesh Sapkota


  • Mr. Amar Lama


The Alumni was dedicated to run various activities. Major noteworthy events were :
  • Financial help to Mr. Krishna Basnet, driver of Arunima Educational Foundation, who became the victim of fire hazard at Chitwan and lost much of his property.
  • Blood Donation program every year to donate the needy people.
  • Higher Education counseling program to SLC graduates.
  • Inter Arunima Quiz Contest.
  • Inter School oratory speech competition.
  • Inter School plus two level oratory speech competition.
  • Friendship football matches of various schools of the foundation and the Alumni members.
  • Drama program in Schools Foundation Day.

The Alumni always wants to make more of its members and participate actively in various social activities so the Alumni requests all the SLC graduates to come and work jointly with AAA.